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Every night, millions of children around the world sleep rough on the streets, where they face the constant danger of violence and exploitation. In this video, Unicef UK Ambassador Ewan McGregor asks you to help keep a street child safe.

Just £3 could provide safe shelter for 3 days and goes to make sure that children living on the streets have access to hot food, shelter and can learn to read and write.

Text PROTECT to 70111 to donate £3 and help keep a street child safe
Make a donation to Unicef online

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Last week Ewan McGregor attended the 2015 Film Independent Spirit Awards where he presented the award of Best Actress to Julianne Moore for her work in “Still Alice”. Whilst there he took part in a quick portrait session, and the images are now up in the gallery, along with a close-up portrait shot from Sundance.

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The gallery has just been updated with 79 high-quality images of Ewan McGregor from the 2nd Annual unite4:humanity Event which took place last night (Feb. 20) in Los Angeles. Whilst there, Ewan received the International Humanitarian Award from his “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” co-star Emily Blunt. Congratulations to Ewan!

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The game of musical chairs that is the directing job on Philip Roth adaptation “American Pastoral” is not finished. Once slated for Fisher Stevens to tackle, the project has since been taken over by Australian director Phillip Noyce. But he’s also dropped out and now Ewan McGregor will be adding first-time director to his credentials, even as he remains the film’s lead.

Set during the Vietnam War years, “American Pastoral” follows Seymour ‘Swede’ Levov (McGregor), a once all-conquering high-school athlete, who’s married to a beauty queen (Jennifer Connelly) and runs the business he’s inherited from his dad. All seems well in Swede’s world until his daughter Merry (Dakota Fanning) joins the countercultural clamour of the time, signing up as a revolutionary and committing a fatal act of violence that throws all their lives into chaos.

John Romano wrote the script, which McGregor is now looking to start directing this September in Pittsburgh. And it appears he’s quite happy about the new job. “It’s a great privilege to be working with Lakeshore on Phillip Roth’s astounding novel “American Pastoral”,” McGregor says in a statement picked up by Variety. “I’ve wanted to direct for years and wanted to wait until I found a story that I ‘had’ to tell and in this script I knew I had found that story.”


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I’ve just added 04 new photoshoots to the gallery. Remember to keep checking back as I will be adding missing images to the gallery but not always posting on the main site. Enjoy!

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I’ve just uploaded a few more stills from “Mortdecai” that were missing from the gallery.

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Whilst filming “Jane Got a Gun” last year, Ewan also filmed a small cameo in the film on the next set – “A Million Ways to Die in the West”. His cameo is only about 5 seconds long, but I’ve managed to get some Blu-Ray screen captures to add to the gallery.

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Hello! Ewan McGregor Online is back, and hoping to be better than ever. I know there are a few things we’re currently missing, but I’m aiming to get the site entirely back up to date in the next few days. To start with, I’ve just uploaded over 200 HQ images of Ewan from the LA premiere of “Mortdecai” which took place last week (Jan 22).


Ewan McGregor is set to be the cover star for Nylon Guys’ March issue, and you can now see the cover and accompanying shoot up in the gallery.

Ever since bursting onto the movie scene as the loveable heroin addict Mark Renton in the 1996 cult classic Trainspotting, Ewan McGregor has been one of Hollywood’s most skilled and reliable leading men. From single-handedly rescuing George Lucas’ Star Wars prequels by lending them a dignity and wit they sorely lacked, to documenting his motorcycle trip around the world in the docu-series Long Way Round, he’s able to mix raffish charm with heroic manliness like no other actor working today. He’s also maybe the only working actor who could credibly portray Jesus and Satan in the same film, as he just did at Sundance. In our latest issue, we accompany the 43-year-old actor, whose latest film Mortdecai hit theaters last week, to the International Motorcycle Show at the Javitz Center, where we look back on his incredibly wild ride.

On Trainspotting’s ridiculous Cannes after party: ““I don’t remember very much of the party, but it was apparently one of the great, legendary Cannes parties. Underworld played. It was fucking amazing. I missed their whole set. I was somewhere else doing something else.

On his pornstar moment with Woody Allen: “And suddenly there was a lull in the conversation. I looked over and there was a wee old lady standing next to what looked like a porn star—this girl with peroxided hair, massive tits, mini skirt, big plastic shoes. They were both stopped. They didn’t know if they should walk all over the equipment. I hear Woody saying, No,bring your daughter through. Bring your daughter through. We both had a little ogle at the girl as she went by. It clearly wasn’t the old lady’s daughter. Anyway, Woody turned to me and rubbed his hands together and went, Well, life could be worse.”

On his wild, late-‘90s London life with Jude Law and Angelina Jolie: “Jonny and Angelina were shooting Hackers, Jude had done Shopping. I’d done Shallow Grave. We were all kicking off. It was happening. We were having a right laugh. It’s the ’90s in London. It was quite fun… That’s all you’re getting.”

On a Trainspotting sequel: “He’s now a Glaswegian running a gym in Amsterdam,” McGregor says with a laugh, thrilled at the prospect. “I haven’t seen a script or anything. But it seemed to be quite real. I spoke to Danny [Boyle] about it. I met him randomly in a restaurant [last year] before he went up to Scotland to sit with our writer John Hodge and Andrew Macdonald, the producer.”

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With Joaquin Phoenix dropping out of talks earlier this month, Marvel has resumed its search for someone to play Doctor Strange for director Scott Derrickson. According to Badass Digest, the company’s eye has fallen on Ewan McGregor, though nothing has been decided yet, so keep your giant neon rumour sign handy.

According to the site’s source, McGregor has been doing research (which in this case might just be code for “buying a lot of comics and calling it a business expense”) and the studio is looking at him for the role. It makes some sense: he’s a man used to big franchises (expect the part to come with the usual multi-film contract) and has convincingly played someone who uses powers on screen before, though those were Jedi-flavoured.

He’s not the only person in the mystical rumour-sphere for the character, however. Derrickson’s Sinister star Ethan Hawke was being talked about around the time Phoenix dropped out of the running and, more recently, there have been reports about Keanu Reeves possibly taking it on. Reports that he answered by saying, “Would I be good at that? Would I be right for the role?” Which is unhelpfully non-commital. Given that The Matrix set him up for life, we’re not sure how amenable he’d be to a multi-film contract with Marvel.

As for Strange, the character was originally conjured from the brains of Stan Lee and art genius Steve Ditko, and began life as a selfish New York surgeon (named Stephen Strange) who loses his professional skills in a car crash. After falling on hard times, he visits a healer in the Himalayas known as The Ancient One, and learns to tap into psychic and magical powers. In recognition of his selfless efforts to thwart evil fellow disciple Baron Mordo, he’s taught the mystical arts and sets out to defeat other shady sorcerers and various villains.

Jon Spaihts has written the most recent script and regardless of who ends up in the lead, Doctor Strange is set for a UK shoot followed by a July 8, 2016 release date.


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