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Another day, another batch of 35 HQ photos for you to enjoy – so, enjoy! Which of these is your favourite photo?

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  • Sep 03Jess says:  

    Out of all the ones you’ve posted so far, this is my favourite: http://ewan-mcgregor.org/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=59692

  • Sep 04mgxshui says:  

    Thank you so much for all this! You are amazing, truly!

  • Sep 04Karin says:  

    Hello !
    My favorite picture is the one with pullover with his hand near the face.

    I have a little question : where did you find these beautiful pics ?

    thank you for your nice answer.

    Kind regards

  • Sep 10Luis Aros says:  

    I just finished watching your LONG WAY series …
    It is great to see someone that has made it and yet remain so down to earth.
    You have shown me that there is a LOT of good in this world.
    I’m a bit moved actually. Thanks and stay good at heart.
    Say thanks to Charlie for me. would you?..
    Love you guys. Love you guys. Love you guys.


  • Sep 11E. says:  

    Because of his smile :). http://ewan-mcgregor.org/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=59692

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