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Top Tips Using Coupons On the First Date

During the ’80s and ’90s, people hesitated to use coupons on the first date fearing a negative impression.

Coupons create a good impression:

But using coupons during the first date will create only a positive outlook in the following ways:

  1. Your date partner would consider you to be savvy and practical.
  2. Second thing is, if you do not want a partner who wouldn’t like such thrift measures, it is all the easier to find it out. You can avoid botherations for the rest of your life.
  3. Using a coupon would make the other person appreciate you. You would be considered as a financially responsible person.  This would increase the scope for creating a successful relationship with your partner.

You can use coupons on the first date to buy discounted movie tickets.  You can even use them in restaurants or bars.  Visit Couponobox to find out the wide range of ways the coupons can be used.

Fearing still?

If you are not sure how the other person would take when they find you using coupons and you care a lot about it, use the below tips:

  1. Pre-book using coupons. Hand over the coupons in the payment counter and get barcodes or any acknowledgment of some form in advance.  So, your partner will not be knowing that you used coupons.
  2. When you intend to use coupons in the restaurant, just ask excuse to your partner, slip with a pretext of attending phone or using the restroom and quickly make the payment.
  3. Use digital coupons. Payment can be done without people noticing. Your partner would be thinking you are using mobile banking.
  4. When you are not planning to have food at the restaurant, use your coupons and buy stuff in advance.
  5. You can trade the coupons for cash and use this to pay during your date. Your expenses would be partially reduced.

Once you are comfortable with your partner, you can confidently use the coupons during your subsequent outings.…