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Dating Advice For Men: The Things You Must Never Do

If you are on a date take care that you do not do these blunders. Check out LTC to know what not to do when on a date.

Do not pick on her looks

You should never pick on the looks of your date. By doing this you are only trying to lower her self-worth and thus she is sure to never contact you ever after this. This is an emotional abuse which no woman can take.

Never ask her things that are private

A healthy relationship should have no secrets. But that does not mean that you start searching for her phone when she is not around. This shows insecurity and never ever do this to the woman you date.

Do not discourage a woman

You should support her ambitions and never let her down. Also, offer to help her and assure her that you will support her in whatever she does.

Recognise her value

Make sure that you recognize her value and do not push her to prove herself in front of you. No woman likes that and if you do so then she is sure to walk away.

Never keep her waiting

If you keep her waiting on your dates then this definitely makes a very wrong impression. A woman wants to know that you value and care for her and for that make sure that you are always on time.

Do not make her feel lonely

The relationship is like a partnership and you need to make sure that you enhance it and not complicate it. If you do not put any effort into the relationship then she is surely going to revalue her decision of having you in her life.

Never cheat on her

This is something that is a thumb rule. Never cheat on the woman whom you date.